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What we do

Here at Empower Wealth, we are a team of qualified, experienced advisors who specialise in our areas to provide tailored, independent property investment advice. With fully integrated buyers agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners, and property wealth planners, we make sure we meet our clients’ needs by providing the highest level of professional advice. It’s our ultimate goal to help our clients achieve the lifestyle they dream of, and to reach the wealthier future they desire and have worked hard for.

At Empower Wealth we are constantly providing educational content for not only our clients, but also for anyone who is interested in increasing their wealth status through property investment. These platforms include:

  • Money SMARTS
  • The Property Couch podcast
  • The Armchair Guide to Property Investing book
  • How-to Session videos
  • free reports and resources
  • case studies, and
  • Property Formula

We truly believe that increasing one’s wealth position is possible for anyone and everyone interested in making it happen. From saving for your first home, to buying it and then building off its wealth base; making the most out of your Superannuation, identifying the best use of your household’s surplus income, or building a multi-million dollar property portfolio … it’s possible, but we know most of us need professional assistance along the way.

Our Story

Ben Kingsley founded Empower Wealth in late 2007 after a successful career in Resort Tourism Sales and Marketing.

Passionate about personal wealth creation through property investing, yet frustrated by the lack of independent property advice and the quality of research out there to support investors, Ben turned his focus towards building a truly specialist advisory practice.

Handpicking the very best and most qualified specialists in the industry, Empower Wealth has become one of Australia’s leading Property Wealth Advisory Consultancies with a major point difference —  everything is under one roof.

Ben’s objective for the business has always been very simple — to provide clients with access to specialist advice, leading edge research and professional tools that will help them achieve superior investment returns and, ultimately, total financial independence.

His philosophy is that with teamwork, collaboration, accountability, a commitment to building knowledge and a support network of qualified professionals, anyone can truly improve their wealth outcomes — almost irrespective of what income they currently earn. This approach, coupled with his experience in building his own family’s multimillion-dollar property portfolio, has seen Ben personally help thousands of individuals and households invest, and see a return in, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of residential property.

With 20 years’ experience in property investing, finance and wealth creation, together with a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations, issues and trends, Ben is a genuine expert in property finance and money management.

Our core values

It would be far too presumptuous of us to say that your life will be automatically fulfilled after we have helped you with your financial goals. However, if you are interested in improving your financial circumstances and creating an attainable passive income in retirement, we will say that we can create a positive impact on your financial future.

  • Relationships
  • Trust
  • Priority
  • Prosperity

At Empower Wealth, we want to build a long term relationship with our clients. We are not in a transactional business. We want to get to know our clients – their household situation and aspirations – and build their trust on our independent and professional advice. They are our priority and so is their prosperity.

  • Success
  • Synergy
  • Collaboration
  • Caring

We strongly believe that to deliver independent and good quality customer service, we need to start with an A-Grade team. Team work is the key to success and at Empower Wealth, we work with good synergy, active collaboration and a caring environment.

  • Research
  • Service
  • Advice
  • Systems

There is a saying, “The only constant in life is change” and we are no stranger in this. Innovation is a crucial value at Empower Wealth and we aim to revolutionise and improve our research platforms, service delivery, professional advice and systems and processes.

  • Specialist
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Committed

Another one of Empower Wealth’ core value is our people. We believe in creating a great environment for our team to become the best specialist that they can be in their industry. This is why all our team members goes through a strict recruitment process so we can find the ones that are passionate in wealth building education, determined to provide good old advice and committed to our clients.

  • Safety
  • Leadership
  • Influence
  • Clarity

Similar to a light house, when a client comes to us, we want to provide them some guidance to a better future. We want to be able to assure them that their future is in good hands and we can only achieve this with good leadership and the ability to back our advices with reliable data, qualified and our industry experiences. We want to be able to influence what our clients do now with clarity for them to be in a wealth position that they want to achieve.

  • Sustainable
  • Process
  • Personal
  • Fulfilment

Last but not least, Empower Wealth wants to grow in a stable and sustainable manner. Firstly, as a business, we want our processes to continually improve and adapt to changes in our team and the industry to ensure our high quality customer service. Secondly, we also want our team to develop professionally and fulfil their potential.

Why Join Our Team?

Help Others

If you love helping people, then Empower Wealth is the place for you!

You’ll be joining an altruistic team with big minds and even bigger hearts. So if you’re passionate about making a real difference in the world, changing the lives of everyday Australians for the better and enriching your career as well — you’ll find that, here, all of your boxes will be ticked. We take great care in the hiring process to ensure our members are intuitive to the needs of others, driven by making a valued contribution and willing to serve our clients above all else. If this sounds like you, you’re our kind of people too.

Work You Love

Working with us, you’ll be able to do what you do best—and be paid to thrive in the specialty you love. For this reason, your working day will be executing your passion and talents and celebrating these in an environment inspired by individual andcollective wins. You’ll be encouraged to be innovative in your thinking and work alongside others who also share your vision. What’s more, you’ll be rewarded for your unique skillset and eagerness to contribute in a positive, meaningful way.

Human Team

Let’s face it, we all enjoy an office that balances its professionalism and humanness. Here at Empower Wealth, we are not robotic, spiritless faces who madly (and mindlessly) tap away their time on a keyboard! We are a company for people, run by its people. So our members are friendly, engaging and welcome real conversation. Regardless of position or time spent in the company, we are all on an equal footing and collaborate with one another accordingly; sharing ideas, interests (and cool music) on a daily basis.

No Boring Days

We hire people who would rather do anything else but ‘watch the clock’ — so don’t worry; there are no boring days here. Your days will be proactive, varied and full of an assorted mix of projects. We are people who all have our respected jobs to do, and like to get them done. So you will enjoy a great balance between collaborative tasks and simply getting stuck into the nitty-gritties of your own responsibilities. Plus, our clients are as individual as you are — so you can always expect new strategies and tactfulcreativity along the way.

Personal Development

As a valued member of our team, you will be encouraged to grow personally and professionally. We prioritise our specialists on being exactly that – the very best in their field – and so we’ll support you in mentorship, development and financially when appropriate, to help you reach your ultimate goals. You’ll be guided as a leader and a significant member of our team. We have development plans and performance reviews in place, and are always open to suggestions in training programs that will assist you on your individual path.

Current Openings

  • Associate Property Investment Advisor (VIC or NSW)

    The Role

    This role is a dream role for someone who is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through building property investment strategies and plans as an Associate Property Investment Advisor.

    So, if you are a lover of property investing, modelling, number-crunching, data analysis and technology then this is the opportunity for you.

    Empower Wealth has developed the most advanced property investment modelling software in the market.  This software combined with our property investment knowledge and the skills and experience of our team of advisors, allows Empower Wealth to provide independent and tailored property investment strategies and plans for our clients as they strive to achieve financial independence.

    The Person

    If you are an energetic Accountant, Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, work in technology or data analytics and you are looking for an exciting change, then this is the opportunity you have been looking for.  Equally, if you work in Financial Services or Property industry but want the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of others, then this is a role you should consider.

    Your confidence using technology and your problem-solving ability will allow you to quickly grasp the fundamentals of our proprietary programs and move into working autonomously with our Advisory team to design and build client investment strategies.

    Your appetite for knowledge and learning will be complimented by regular access to one of the most experienced and award-winning property investment teams in the country.  Our high performing Wealth Advisory team will provide ongoing training, guidance and mentoring and will be there to assist in developing your ability to run the analysis and modelling scenarios for our clients’ property investment plans.

    This role also presents a range of career pathways in our growing and evolving business.  Those pathways include, being part of our Business Intelligence or Technology Development teams and could also include becoming a Property Investment Advisor.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Excellent communication, customer service and teamwork skills
    • Advanced financial modelling and analysis using advanced level skills in excel (this skills set will be further supported – initially by management and other specialist advisors)
    • Integrate, model and optimise the principles of Property Investment, Household Budgeting, Money Management and Personal Wealth Creation
    • Embrace the culture and values of our firm and work well with team members within your division and across our company
    • Establish and maintain systems to effectively monitor and report on Property analysis and trends
    • Developing your skill set to become formally educated as a Qualified Property Investment Advisor

    Successful candidate will:

    • Possess great analytical skills and initiative to apply lateral thinking to solving unique problems
    • Be driven by helping to solve problems and guide clients with their property investing endeavours
    • Be proficient in Excel at an advanced level
    • Be client-focused with exceptional communication and relationship building skills
    • Be articulate and able to explain financial models in plain English
    • Have the capability to work independently, problem solve and process information quickly
    • Be organised, responsible and maintain high professional standards
    • Be detail oriented and able to use a range of technology and software
    • Having an investment property or portfolio of properties would be looked at favourably, but is not essential
    • Energetic, hardworking and flexible

    The successful candidate will see this opportunity as ‘career changing’ or as a ‘career breakthrough’ moment.  It offers the successful candidate the chance for career progression; the opportunity to work with some of the leading players in the industry; work skills that can contribute to their own personal financial position; and the chance to work with clients over the long term to change their lives for the better. This role will also provide you with a sense of purpose, knowing the positive impact you have made to your clients’ lives.

    If this sounds like the role for you please send your CV and cover letter to Cristina Rodriguez at [email protected]

  • Mortgage Broker (VIC, NSW or QLD)

    The Role

    Bringing your experience and skills to the table and combining them with our existing team of specialists, your role will be to help clients identify their opportunities and potential for building a wealthier tomorrow.   You will be responsible for assessing their current finances, existing lending and future lending possibilities and by using our in-house software and systems, assess their current and forecast cashflows to advise them of the best pathway to achieve their goals.  So much more than a run of the mill broker – and so much more rewarding!

    (Training and Support in using our internal software and systems is also provided).

    General lead generation and business development is handled by the group’s marketing and operations team, so it will be rare that you are required to prospect and source your own leads or undertake business development activities.  Furthermore, you will have at your disposal leading edge business systems and processes which you can utilise to allow you to focus your energies on the most important role of all – helping our clients improve their financial situation.

    In order to achieve this, your Key Responsibilities will be:

    • Gain Trust and Advise Clients on Finance matters that align with their personal and financial goals and objectives;
    • Helping in determining clients’ current financial position and their future potential opportunities;
    • Recommend lending solutions which offer maximum benefits and optimal outcomes for your clients;
    • Conducting and reviewing fact finds;
    • Establishing and maintaining an excellent understanding of lending policy across our panel lenders;
    • Work closely with our skilled and motivated support team to streamline loan processing and settlement;
    • Develop lasting and meaningful relationships with your client base, so you can take them on their journey to a wealthier today and tomorrow;
    • Developing an excellent understanding in helping households use and manage their money better;
    • Embrace the culture of the firm and work well with team members within your division and across the company.

    About You:

    Firstly, you will have a strong level of skill and knowledge of your profession. You will also have a strong desire to help others in a holistic manner over the long term to change their lives financially for the better.

    You have a willingness and drive to help those around you. You are proud, confident, yet humbled by the achievements you have already made in your career. You take learning seriously and are proactive in your approach to accumulate knowledge to improve the work that you do.

    Your problem solving ability is second to none and you build relationships with ease. You are looking for a career that will provide you with a wonderful sense of purpose in your working life, knowing the positive impact you have made in your clients’ lives.

    What You Need For Success:

    • Diploma qualified
    • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills;
    • Genuine desire to help others;
    • Strong sense of integrity;
    • A proactive approach and strong commitment to personal and professional growth;
    • 100% commitment to customer excellence by providing a first class experience;
    • An undeniable passion for finance, property, and wealth creation;
    • An innate desire to be constantly striving to be the very best you can be;
    • Previous and current Broking or Bank Lending experience (Minimum 2 years)
    • Commercial lending experience would be an advantage but is not essential

    A fulfilling career and a high performance workplace awaits the successful candidate.  So if your current job isn’t fulfilling for you or it’s not allowing you to be that person who wants to help others achieve their goals and dreams, then we want to hear from you. Please send your CV and Cover letter to Cristina Rodriguez on [email protected]

  • Senior Software Engineer (VIC or NSW)

    The Role

    As a senior full-stack developer, you will be a critical team member within the innovation team to build out our online technology capabilities from front to back.

    Your role will be to write well-designed, highly performant and scalable code with a primary focus on bringing our client portal to the next level by becoming the leading wealth management platform of choice. Additionally, you will be assigned as a technical lead in charge of guiding a squad of developers, promoting collaboration, shipping high quality code and providing architectural and design directions.

    We require you to be proficient with testing code from unit to system integration and to perform code reviews.

    You will work closely with our customer experience team to better align business requirements with the end product.


    • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
    • Provide architectural & design recommendations
    • Integrate software components and third-party programs
    • Lead squad of developers and promote collaboration/engagement
    • Perform code quality assurance and peer reviews
    • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing applications
    • Identify and execute improvements
    • Automate unit and functional testing
    • Manage and deploy applications and systems
    • Create technical documentation for reference and reporting
    • Establish and maintain excellence in software development trends and best practice

    What you’ll bring

    Technical expertise:

    • At least 4-6 years experience in building MERN applications (familiarity with AngularJS is a plus)
    • At least 2-3 years experience in leading teams of developers
    • Experience working with varied data sources (relational and NoSQL)
    • Experience in Test Driven Development
    • Proficient with module bundlers (such as Webpack), continuous integration and deployment
    • Expertise in Agile development methodologies and tools
    • Bachelor/Master Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or a related field

    Personal skills

    • Curious, self-directed and desire to dig in and understand underlying details
    • Strong ability and willingness to learn new languages and technologies
    • A “you build it, you own it” mentality
    • Resourcefulness and troubleshooting aptitude
    • Ability to work productively as part of a team and as an individual
    • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your peers, managers and stakeholders

    Once you join, we will

    • Pair you with a 1:1 mentor to guide you through our structured onboarding program
    • Support your professional development by providing feedback during 1:1s and during our bi-annual reviews
    • Encourage you to learn new technologies that can be beneficial for both your professional development and the business
    • Have autonomy so you can be a happy and a successful member of our team

    A fulfilling career and a high performance workplace awaits the successful candidate. So if this sounds like the role for you please send your CV and cover letter to Cristina Rodriguez at [email protected]

  • Financial Planner (VIC or NSW)

    The Role

    We are looking for an energetic financial planner with a broad base of strategic and investment experience.  Bringing your experience and skills to the table and combining them with our existing team of specialist advisors and support staff, your role will be to work with and nurture new and existing client relationships. Once the understanding of personal and financial goals is assessed against current and future cashflows positions, you will be responsible for advising clients in terms of all risk / insurance options, reviewing existing superannuation and investment options to best align with the client’s overall objectives.

    It is unlikely that you will be required to externally prospect for new business, as due to the high consumer profile of the business, new enquiries are very strong and consistently generated.  Your core focus will be placed on helping advise new and existing clients to improve their financial situation and continuing to develop your subject matter expertise in your field.  Furthermore, you will have at your disposal our internal team of industry experts, leading edge business systems and processes, plus initial and ongoing support and training.

    You will also be working in a family-friendly and equal opportunity environment.  By joining our growing team of experts, you will collaborate with fellow advisers to provide a holistic and tailored money management, finance, property and wealth advisory solutions.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Provide initial and ongoing advice to a broad range of well-informed client segments
    • Manage internal relationships with key support staff and advisory partners
    • Maintain all necessary compliance requirements and actively participate in (internal and external) strategic, investment, and risk training
    • Develop lasting and meaningful relationships with your client base, so you can take them on their journey to a wealthier tomorrow
    • Embrace the culture of the firm and work well with team members within your division and across the company

    What You Need for Success:

    • A progressive outlook, high energy and a hunger to learn and expand your knowledge base
    • Previous and current Financial Planning experience (Minimum 3 years)
    • An ability to think outside the square
    • A track record in establishing and maintaining high quality client relationships
    • Experience working with HNW clients
    • A strong proficiency in Risk/Insurance, Taxation, and Investments
    • Be organised, responsible and with high professional standards
    • Excellent written and verbal communication and customer service
    • Able to work independently and in a team environment and be independently motivated
    • Proficient in Xplan and Microsoft applications
    • Tertiary qualifications in the appropriate disciplines
    • FESEA compliant or working towards qualifications

    This is a truly exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing company who cares more about helping as many Australians as we can improve their financial wellbeing, as opposed to trying to sell certain investment ‘products’ to achieve a bigger bottom-line result.  A fulfilling career and attractive remuneration package that reward commitment and effort, await the successful candidate.

    So if this sounds like the role for you please send your CV and cover letter to Cristina Rodriguez at [email protected]

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